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7 February 2024

The title of the thesis is: Capacity development in international aid – A contribution to theory and practice The thesis in brief: Although capacity development has been a key aspect of global aid policy for decades, success is limited. The purpose of this thesis is to increase our understanding of why capacity development does not work as [...]

2 February 2024

Our colleague Per Becker was interviewed on Swedish radio P1 Morgon about the underlying causes of the current protracted floods in Skåne. The interview is in Swedish and is available on the second half at Sveriges radio website. Per Becker was also giving a slightly longer interview about the same topic on Swedish regional radio Förmiddag at P4 [...]

18 January 2024

Our commissioned education course Process safety for the industry has received industry recognition with an article in the Swedish industry magazine Process Nordic. A short version of the article is available via LinkedIn. The full article is available on Process Nordic’s website, subscription required (the page is in Swedish). A new batch of [...]

11 January 2024

Our colleagues Alexander Cedergren and Henrik Hassel published a new paper about organizational adaptive capacity in crises. It is published in the International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction. The paper is has open access, and you can read the full article at the journals website. Abstract While organizations providing critical services to [...]

8 January 2024

Our colleague Per Becker has together with Evangelia Petridou and Jörgen Sparf published a new paper about policy entrepreneurs in risk governance. It is published in the journal Policy & Politics and is called ”Identifying proactive and reactive policy entrepreneurs in collaborative networks in flood risk management". The paper has open access [...]

22 December 2023

Our Master thesis presentations will be on January 10th, 2024! You are very welcome to join, and you find all the information about the presentations in the schedule

20 December 2023

Wednesday January 24, 2024 at 9:00am, Jenny will defend here doctoral thesis: Navigating Open Polities for Change In Swedish Bilateral Development Cooperation Projects The presentation will be in Lecture Hall V:A, entrance floor, V-Building/V-Huset, John Ericsson Väg 1, Lund. You are welcome to attend. We wish Jenny good luck with the presentation [...]

12 December 2023

LTH's educational inspiration conference is a recurring conference to increase opportunities for collaboration and exchange of educational experiences. The conference has taken place since 2003 and is organized by CEE (Centre for Engineering Education) at LTH. Josefin Månefjord notes that the inspiration conference is a meeting place for people [...]

8 December 2023

  The report aims to provide a first-ever comprehensive (but not exhaustive) assessment of currently recognized tipping points in the Earth system and in human systems that are relevant to urgent contemporary global change – especially climate change and biodiversity loss – and associated transformative social change. It considers the systemic [...]

4 December 2023

Abstract The well-publicized disinformation campaigns surrounding recent elections, pandemic vaccination adoption, as well as supply-chain disruptions and shortages have made historical problems of disinformation more apparent. When disinformation targets transportation infrastructure, supply chains can be disrupted, resulting in commodities [...]