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The Division of Risk Management and Societal Safety performs research and education that aim to develop safer, more resilient and sustainable systems, organisations and societes.

We perform descriptive research focusing on developing knowledge about how people, organisations and society prevent, prepare for, deal with, recover from, and learn and adapt to events that might threaten something of value. We also perform normative research focusing on developing methods, processes and other types of artifacts that can be used to better understand and manage risks, crises and disasters in a range of different contexts.

Our vision is to contribute to developing safe, resilient and sustainable systems, organisations and societies. We pursue this vision through both research and education areas such as risk management, disaster risk reduction, emergency management, humanitarian assistance and system safety.

The national and international collaboration with universities as well as the private and public sector, is central to the work at the division and we have employs more than 20 professors, lecturers and PhD students, and more than 10 affiliated researchers (industrial PhD-students and guest researchers).