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Putting “real change for real people” at the centre of environmental governance


Jenny Iao-Jörgensen, Project Coordinator and PhD candidate from our Division, facilitated an outcome-mapping discussion with multi-sector groups from Kenya and Mozambique at a workshop this week in Kwale, Kenya. The central theme of the workshop is putting policies into practice in strengthening environmental governance for the mining sector. Using a theory of change process, the outcome mapping exercise aimed at mapping out a collective view of whose capacity for what purpose and what this capacity means for bringing about real change for real people. Phu Doma Lama, a PhD candidate, assisted her.

Swedish Environmental Protection Agency organised the workshop in partnership with United Nations Development Program (UNDP) Kenya, UNDP Mozambique, Ministry of Mining, Ministry of Environment, Natural Resources & Regional Development Authorities, National Commission on Human Rights and other non-governmental stakeholders. It was a major learning event of an ongoing Environment Governance Project funded by Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida). Our Division provides Ongoing Evaluation and Interactive Learning support to the project. 

The workshop ended with a visit to a large titanium mine in Kwale to learn about some of the good practices through multi-stakeholder dialogue and engagement in mitigating social and environmental impact throughout the mining cycle. The visit showcased the possibility to ensure the well-being of the communities and the environment while supporting economic development.